1K Documentary Filmmaking with Marshall Curry

Marshall Curry is a two-time Academy Award nominated filmmaker who excels in the field of documentary production. He received his first nomination for his political documentary Street Fight, which chronicled the mayoral campaign of now U.S. senator Cory Booker. He talks about the making of that film, as well as the making of his three other films, Racing DreamsIf a Tree Falls, and Point and Shoot.

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100 words on 1K

1K, the 1,000 second podcast will be making its debut on July 31. We’ll be releasing one episode per week for 10 weeks. This show is brought to you by the creators of the 100 Words Film Festival. Like the festival, 1K is a celebration of brevity. We look forward to bringing you guests from all corners of the entertainment world. Periodically, a mysterious voice from above will chime in, revealing in real time how many seconds are left. That’s because when the 1,000 seconds are up that’s the end of the show! Look for us in July!